Beta Access

Current Beta Access
Artifacter Custom Avatar

  • Feature
    Ability to change and adjust the avatar image.
  • Status
    Planning stage.
  • General Availability
    One month after the developer wants to release it.
There are three ways to obtain Beta Access.
  1. Become a Discord moderator or site translator.
    We sometimes recruit on Discord. Please join us then.
  2. Server Boost the Discord server.
    Server Boosting FAQ
  3. Support developers with Patreon.
    Become a Patreon member. (Patreon)
    Then, link up with Discord. (How to connect)
If you fulfill any of the above, you will receive an exclusive roll.
Then, access the site through the #beta-access channel and you're done.
We will do our best to provide each benefit, but we cannot guarantee it.
We appreciate your understanding.
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